Desporte futsal brand was founded in 2003 by Masashi Ochiai in Shizuoka, Japan. A football player and entrepreneur, Mr. Ochiai had started his sports equipment business already in the 1970s, and was among the first in Japan to run a store specialized exclusively in football. He was also one of the first to utilize high printing technology and new fabric materials to produce custom made uniforms and training wear for football teams in Japan.

Futsal landed in Japan in the 1970s. First stop was the northern island of Hokkaido, where cold winters drove football people to gymnasiums to play “mini soccer”, as the game was called back then. The five-a-side game was also played on old tennis courts and other suitable places. The sport grew steadily and by the end of the 1990s futsal was booming in Japan.

Mr. Ochiai noticed that, despite the rising popularity, the shoes that players were using were not very good. The few models that were available didn`t apply to the characteristics of the game. The small area in which futsal is played requires quick movement in confined spaces. You have to be able to control the ball close to you under constant pressure. Mr. Ochiai wanted to develop properly functioning shoes for the intense environment.

Mr. Ochiai had spent long stretches in Brazil from the 1990s doing business and running football schools for kids. In Rio, at the Copacabana beach, people used to get together around three or four o`clock in the afternoon to play beach football after the hottest time of the day had passed. Mr. Ochiai marveled at how subtly the players were using their bare feet to control the ball. Undoubtedly, it gave them a feel they couldn`t get with shoes. The players moved the ball in tight spaces with fancy individual moves, touch passes and give-and-go plays exploiting every part of the foot to the finest detail. Mr. Ochiai wanted to apply this to his futsal shoes. This is how Campinas, the very first Desporte futsal shoe was born.

A key difference between futsal and football is the usage of the sole of the foot. In football the uneven surface and longer studs on soccer shoes make the part of the foot sometimes unreliable, especially in wet and slippery conditions. Conversely, in futsal the sole of the foot plays a vital role. While Indoor shoes are flat soled, the turf models have shorter studs. This allows you to make full use of the sole by getting the ball firmly under your control and move it quickly in any direction.

Our aim is to arm you with lightweight, low to the ground shoes that provide you with unrivalled comfort, excellent fit, superior ball control and barefoot like touch. Every detail in the shoe is to make it more functional and to serve a purpose, to boost your performance. Elevate your game with Desporte, the shoes that are ideally designed for the fast-paced game of futsal. WEAR them, get better touch!