Desporte was founded in 2003 by Masashi Ochiai in Shizuoka, Japan. The name of the brand pays tribute to Brazil, the birthplace of futsal, and can be explained with a simple equation:
D = To Dribble (something Brazilians love to excel at when playing futsal)
ESPORTE = Portuguese for sport

During its relatively short existence, Desporte has emerged as one of the top futsal brands in Japan. Our shoes are worn by many players in the F. League, the top futsal league in Japan.
Our mission is to arm you with high quality shoes and game wear that work the right way, gear that`s lightweight, comfortable and functional. We`re constantly looking for ways to improve and make better equipment, so that you can reach your full potential on the court.
Control the ball in a tiny space, pass with accuracy, shoot with finesse, and dribble away when the opponents are closing in.